The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©
The drill&plant mini©

The drill&plant mini©

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Attention Gardeners! This crazy-looking gardening tool is invading America!

"If you plant bulbs you have to have one!"
- Debbie G., drill&plant customer

Debbie used the drill&plant mini to plant 40 bulbs in 10 minutes.

"I believe drill&plant will revolutionize gardening and the way we do our planting..."

Expert's pick for planting bulbs, bedding plants, breaking hard soil, removing weeds, mixing compost, and tilling the soil.

Why are over 50 000 Americans already using the drill&plant mini? (and is it right for you?)

If your soil is simply too hard to plant anything, if planting your bulbs takes days, if you feel physical pain from digging, then you just found the tool you've been waiting for all your life. Here's why...

Life is hard. Let us make it a little easier!

As gardeners, we always want to do more. We all have that dream garden in our minds we strive for. Whether it's a huge flower garden with countless beautiful exotic species or an enormous vegetable garden with all kinds of healthy plants we love, we all have a picture of our ideal garden. But for many of us, it's really only that, a dream.

The only tool that can plant 100 bulbs in 30 minutes

Creating and maintaining our dream garden requires a huge amount of time and energy that most of us simply don't have. We just have too many things going on. Some of us are even bound by sickness or age and feel physical pain from digging in our garden. So what's the solution? It's called the drill&plant mini!

What will the drill&plant mini do for you?

✅ Plant at least 100 bulbs in 30 minutes (regardless of your age or the density of your soil)

✅ The single best tool for breaking up hard soil with ease (even clay)

✅ Eliminates all physical pain you have from digging with a shovel

✅ Lighter than a shovel, easier to use, and much more effective

✅ Lasts extremely long due to its durable solid steel construction

✅ Makes digging very fun, very fast, and very easy (even in your hard soil)

✅ It's compatible with any standard drill you have at home with a 3/8" bit (drill not included)


Gardeners everywhere are ditching their shovels to use this tool instead because it’s simply so much more effective

Tens of thousands of Americans already bought this fantastic new tool, because it makes gardening SO MUCH EASIER!  The number of users grows dramatically every year because despite how crazy it looks, it actually works! You'll actually be able to break any hard soil and fill it with healthy growing plants.

"Soon, every real gardener will be using this game-changing tool."

You'll feel 20 years younger

You've probably done a whole lot of digging in your life, as most good gardeners do, but have you ever wondered if there is a faster and easier solution to digging than using a shovel? Well, there is! The drill&plant mini outperforms a shovel 10 times out of 10.

Just imagine, we humans have been using shovels for thousands of years. It was high time that we invented something much much more efficient.

This tool will make you feel 20 years younger! You'll be popping hundreds of holes in seconds, no matter how hard your soil is. Your friends won't understand how you can get so much done in your garden in such little time!

Time to make a decision

Anyone can use this amazing tool and plant 100 bulbs in 30 minutes, break their hard soil with ease, and transplant 4x faster. We've shown you the proof, that it works for others. You know about our double your money-back guarantee so you're 100% protected and safe.

Here's the tough truth you probably already know. If you want different results, you need to do something different. Make a definitive decision right now to get different results. Buy your drill&plant mini right now and make your dream garden come true!

P.S. The time is now. Digging in your hard soil will always take up all your time and energy unless you act now. With the drill&plant mini, we guarantee you'll plant 100 bulbs in 30 minutes (regardless of your age or hardness of your soil) or give double your money back! You'll finally be able to break up that hard soil you were fighting for years. Your chance to make all your gardening dreams come true has arrived. Will you go for it? Will you take action? Click here to do it now!