"This tool made my gardening life so much easier!"


The drill&plant mini©

Your next favorite gardening tool: The only tool that can plant 100 bulbs in 30 minutes.


The drill&plant classic©

Experts pick for planting potted plants, removing weeds, mixing compost, and tilling the soil.


48V Cordless Electric Drill

Optimized for best performance with drill&plant augers. Includes battery and charger.


See what people are saying!

I was a bit skeptical about it, but this little tool is a lifesaver! I live in Georgia and our soil is Georgia Red Clay. It can be back-breaking to dig and try to plant your plants because the ground is so hard. This tool helps grind up that hard soil quickly and was easy to attach to my husband’s 3/8 drill. Now I really love working in the garden without killing my back.

Orsolya A. - drill&plant customer

I don't know how I ever planted without this gadget. It is fantastic - goes through compacted dirt like it's butter. I wish I had known about this years ago. Our soil is compacted and tough to dig but this tool takes care of that easily. Gardening and planting is fun again!

Tibor M. - drill&plant customer

LOVE MY 18 INCH DRILLANDPLANT! I just finished planting 354 bulbs in 2 days weather permitting of course. I will buy again if I break this one, but I doubt it. This bit is strong, easy to use, & saved my back from too much bending wrong. Thank you so much!

Susan K. - drill&plant customer